Brampton Getting a Second Hospital – Peel Memorial will be transformed into a full-fledged hospital with the addition of 250-350 new beds and expansion of the urgent care centre. The investments in Peel Memorial will allow the people of Brampton to have access to 24/7 hospital services including emergency health care, complex continuing care, enhanced mental health, and rehabilitation for patients and their families.

New Ryerson Medical School in Brampton – Ryerson University Medical School is being built right here in Brampton. With this professional school, Brampton can have a future where doctors, nurses and bright young minds are trained within our community.

Three New Long-Term Cares Homes Coming to Brampton – Three brand new Long-Term care homes are being built in Brampton (Guru Nanak Long Term Care Centre, Indus Community Services and Tuoi Hac village Long-Term Care Centre) with over 512 new Long-Term care beds to support our seniors.

Two-Way All-Day GO Service – The hours of GO transit services between Brampton and Toronto have already been extended to support long overdue two-way all-day GO service. The announcement highlights the benefits of the project including more train service and shorter travel times as well as a request to add new station platforms and track upgrades. 

GTA West Corridor Highway 413 – The Ontario PC’s are moving forward with the much needed GTA West Corridor that will not only reduce travel times but support economic growth and job creation, as well as increase the province’s GDP by $1 billion. This will allow people to spend more time with family and friends and not get stuck in traffic. 

Hurontario LRT – Shovels are already in the ground for the new Hurontario LRT that will attract talent and businesses to Brampton. The Hurontario LRT project will bring 18 kilometres of rapid transit between Brampton and Mississauga Lakeshore. It will feature 19 stops and travel through two urban growth centres.

Police station –  A new Peel Regional Police Station is being built right here in Brampton West to support stronger and safer communities in Brampton.